Solutions Built With Safety &

Efficiency In Mind

Our goal is to increase safety & efficiency in the construction and mining industry through engineered solutions which bring safety and efficiency to operations.

 our products & services

ME SAFE’s products & solutions are engineered to increase safety and productivity in the mining and construction industry.

long hole plug

The LHP safely removes the hazard of bogged drill rods in up holes without demobilization of the production drill.

Increased Production
 Safety – Volume – Cost
 Industry Accepted Solution

Dust Suppression System

The ME SAFE Dust Suppression System is our own Automatic dust suppression technology that provides a value adding solution to reduce dust in underground mines.

 Focus on Core Business Activities
 Improved employee health
 Increase visibility in travel ways

cable caps

Cable bolt tails pose a serious hazard to the underground workforce as well as mobile equipment and vent bags. Protect yourself and staff with our Cable Caps.

Protecting Operators, Equipment & Vent Bag.
Safety – Volume – Cost
Less vent damage – More air at the face

Rock Bolt Testing

Helping protect your underground mining operation from projectile failures.

 Cost Effective Solutions For Rock Bolt Failures
 Minimal Effect On Mine Operations
 Designed, Tested And Engineered To Suit Your Mines Ground Conditions

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