Rock Bolt Testing

Helping protect your underground mining operation from projectile failures.

Rock bolt testing

Our team at ME SAFE has had extensive experience with rock bolt failures in Australian underground mines and developed methods to secure these failures. These methods have been successfully employed over the past several years to safely remove the hazard posed by rock bolt failure to personnel and equipment.

Cost effective solutions for rock bolt failures

  Simple to use, adjust and maintain
  Designed to suit your mines requirements
  PROVEN PERFORMANCE in Australian underground mines

Minimal effect on mine operations

Designed, tested and engineered to suit your mine’s ground conditions

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Rock Bolt Testing Presentation

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What test facilities does ME SAFE have?

We have access to static, dynamic and shear testing facilities as well as access to underground mines, building sites and quarries to replicate our client’s conditions.

Does ME SAFE install projectile hazard solutions or supply only?

ME SAFE can provide the equipment and qualified personnel to install projectile hazard solutions

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