Automated dust suppression system

A simple and reliable automated dust suppression system for underground mines.

 A system tailored to your mine’s water properties and operational requirements.

The ME SAFE Dust Suppression System,  is a low maintance, easy to use automatic sprinkler system. The system is flexible and sprinkler timings are easily adjusted to suit different sections of mine travel ways.

  Simple to use, adjust and maintain
  Tailored to suit your mines requirements
  Proven performance in Australian underground mines


 Provide a value adding solution to reduce dust in underground mines.

Focus on Core Business. Improve Employee Health. Increased visibility in travel ways.

Pre filter system designed to suit your mines water properties

Providing a value adding solution to reduce dust in underground mines.

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Automatic Dust Suppression

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How long does it take to install?

The Auto H20 control unit takes approximately 30mins to hook up to mine power. The time taken to run sprinkler lines varies depending on mine traffic however 600m on sprinkler line can generally be installed in a shift.

What effect does salt water have on the system?

Salt water has a big effect on the system and hence the filter selection is designed to suit your mines water properties.

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